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ICR offers a complete Information Technology services package:

        Project Management

        Analysis and Design

        Hardware Requirements / Set up / Installation

        Programming / Software Evaluation

        Implementation / Integration

        Training / Education


Project Management:

ICR offers project management to help you manage your special projects.  We will develop a project timeline and help your staff keep on track to see that it is completed on schedule.  Our own staff can assist with additional resources as needed.


Analysis and Design:

We can assist with the design and analysis of your projects.    We will help you answer the question, "How will this impact systems and procedures already in place?"  We can help you map out the steps that will enable you to reach your final objective for a complete, efficient system.


Hardware Requirements / Set up / Installation:

We can help you identify any additional hardware requirements that you may need.   We will analyze the system specifications, identify minimum to best requirements, special features and/or any brand specific needs that may be necessary. 

ICR is a reseller of major name brand systems; computers, printers, hardware, and software.  We offer competitive pricing with that available on the market.   Once your new system arrives we can provide the resources to set it up, and after set up ask us about our asset tracking benefit.


Programming / Software Evaluation:

We offer assistance in most programming that may be needed to customize your software to your organizations unique needs.  If it is finding a software solution, we will assist in the selection process, contacting vendors, and arranging any demos that may be necessary. It is normally advantageous to find an already developed system that will meet your needs.


Implementation / Integration:

We will install and integrate the software packages within your organization for you. We can tailor the software to fit the individual organization.  We understand that it is very important that customization be set up correctly for your organizational needs.   Whether the specific software is a stand-alone system or will need to be integrated with other systems.  ICR can help you with any or all of the integration.  We understand a smooth implementation is very important, because without it your complete system may fail.


Training / Education:

We can also provide training as necessary.  Some systems may require an in depth knowledge to use them properly.  Other systems may require minimal training.  In either case ICR can assist with this training.  This can be done on an individual basis or in small groups.  Our training can focus on assisting the first-time users on the various hardware or software, or with ongoing training as there are changes within your organization.



ICR can assist your organization with ongoing support, once you begin utilizing your new system.  There may be support options available from the hardware or software vendor to consider as well.  In addition, we can help with any software or hardware upgrades necessary.  We believe on-going support is essential for continued success with your IT solution.